Glorifying God by making disciples


Peter E. Jensen

Peter E. Jensen is a graduate of the University of Delaware, with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a graduate of Villanova University with a Master’s degree in Psychology.  Having grown up in a pastoral family, Peter has 40 years’ experience and education in not only theological but practical church education.  He has had extensive experience working with youth, is a musician and composer,…

Perry O. Brisbon

Perry O. Brisbon was introduced to church at a very early age, confessed Jesus as Lord and Savior and was baptized at the age of 11 at Allen African Methodist Episcopal Church, Philadelphia PA. Perry’s church experience has been diverse. Although raised in the AME denomination, he has spent numerous years serving as tenor soloist for Episcopal, United Methodist and Presbyterian churches.…

Paul N. Jensen

Paul N. Jensen is a graduate of the University of Delaware with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. He has extensive experience with church worship teams. He is a musician, playing keys, trombone, bass guitar and acoustic and electric guitar, drums and glockenspiel.  He has been a composer and worship leader for many years. He also brings extensive audio/visual skills to his position.

The Reverend Dr. Charles H. Jensen

The Reverend Doctor Charles H. Jensen became the Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Fellowship in August 1981. He is a Delaware native and a graduate of the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, earning the Bachelor of Science degree in 1970. He is also a graduate of the Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, having earned the Master of Divinity degree in Biblical Studies…