Glorifying God by making disciples

A Special Message from the Elders

Praise God!

The Elders have deemed it safe to continue resuming ministry at Cornerstone under specific guidelines. That means, that in addition to our normal schedule for Sunday morning (Worship at 8:15 and 10:45am and adult Bible study at 9:30am, which are all live-streamed), Open Bible Studies are resuming for Adults (Men on Tuesdays at 7pm; and anyone interested on Wednesdays at 7pm and on Thursdays at 10am), and that the Youth Group is resuming meeting (Youth Bible Fellowship on Sundays at 9:30am and Youth Group on Wednesdays at 7pm). The Children’s Team will resume Children’s ministry again soon, as well.

Here are the Guidelines:

  1. Social Distancing will be practiced at all times in all rooms. (People are asked to remain six feet apart from each other at all times unless they are part of the same family.)

  2. Face masks will be worn if you are within six feet of another person who is not of your family group. (Children 5 and over are asked to wear face masks.)

  3. All persons are asked to check their temperature before coming to Cornerstone. (If a person’s temperature is above 98.6, they should stay home.)[Obviously, if you are feeling unwell, please, out of consideration of others, stay home.]

  4. Hand Sanitizing Stations will be provided in all rooms.

  5. The room in which a group meets will be sanitized after each use of that room by the members of the group using it. (This means that all surfaces will be wiped down with a sanitizing solution by the group using the room after they use it and the air sprayed. This is in addition to the regular schedule of cleaning/sanitizing.)

  6. No food or beverages, except prepackaged food and bottled drinks, will be served.


During this threat, 1/3 of those who were attending Church regularly before the crisis have stopped attending Church at all, meaning in-person or virtually (Barna Survey). Those who have chosen not to attend are opening themselves to the teaching of the world without the correction of God’s word. “Throughout Scripture, God has instructed his people to live free from fear and to trust him wholly (Isaiah 12:2). Let it be known plain and clear that we do not live in fear of this virus. God is completely sovereign over these circumstances, and although we lack total control over the spread of the virus, we look to our Sovereign Creator, who is in complete control.” (The Elders of Apologia Church, Mesa, AZ.)

Now is the time for reformation and repentance. Now is the time to lead calmly and peaceably without fear, trusting God. Now is the time to go forth and to make disciples. Now is the time for the Church to gather at Cornerstone. What will you trust more, the word of God or “the science.”  WILL YOU CAST OFF FEAR and join us?


The Elders of Cornerstone (Ray Stubbs, Glen Warren, Hank Hamilton, Marlin Smoker, Chuck Jensen)